Welcome to crosstown

Powerful timetable generation software that makes complex timetables simple

Crosstown is aimed at the bus operator and local authority who want to create great looking and useful timetables extremely quickly. It works standalone or as an additional layer on top of any other timetable software - so it can be used alongside whatever you use now. And this means zero disruption to your current software set up.

Discover how crosstown can work for you

Crosstown makes it so easy to create any type of timetable you want.



Crosstown Timetable Software - Switch Layouts Icon

Switch Layouts

You aren't stuck to one layout for each display - select different layouts for each service or group.

Crosstown Timetable Software - Customise Linemaps Icon

Customise Linemaps

Switch on journey times, flip between street and locality, show the whole route or from this stop.

Crosstown Timetable Software - Compress Times Icon

Compress Times

Select between fuzzy, clockface and X minute compression types. Or turn off if there is plenty of space.

Saving You Time & Money

Making It Easy

Create. Review.

After creating timetables, let colleagues review and comment on each table in an order. There is even a sign off.

View in real time

Preview immediately, and generate in seconds to cut waiting time. And carry on working while the Crosstown beavers work away in the background.

Zip it up

Download printable files in a neat Zipfile. Or give printers access directly to take the files for printing.

A long memory

Next time you come back, Crosstown remembers which template, which services and which layouts you used. Which saves huge amounts of time.

Incredible levels of customisaton give you control of the whole timetable.


Who Makes It?


Crosstown is built by Externiture - a company steeped in 15 years of bus stop excellence. We're experts in knowing how timetables need to be produced and how they need to be posted. We know Crosstown represents a new way of making great timetables.

Rapid Response

There will not be months of waiting around for updates with Crosstown. Externiture have a strong tradition of rapid response and our new software releases are made every fortnight, which means you know that any problems and improvements are made for you extremely rapidly. Crosstown also comes with a fixed pricing structure. Gone are the days when you are charged a huge additional development fee for every little change that you want to make


Call us today on 01635 862 100 and ask to speak to Matthew Stagg